Monday, December 5, 2011

Machining Pictures

On occasion,  I am asked as to how some of the parts are made.  Here is a picture of a Mk IV nozzle holder, still in the mill, after the vents have been milled.  Prior to the milling of the vents, the nozzle holder is first machined from bar stock, on a turret lathe, and the flats are cut on a manual 4-axis Sherline 2000 milling machine.  The nozzle holder still needs de-burred.

Here is a picture of a batch of freshly band-sawed brass pieces that are ready to be machined into J-Head nozzles.  They first need to be prepared by machining them into blanks that can be finished in the Harding DSM-59 turret lathe.  However, I don't always make all of the blanks in-house anymore.  Sitting on top is a blank that I had CNC machined at a CNC machine shop.  Once the blanks have been machined, to the stage of the CNC'd blank, it is ready for the turret lathe.

After I am finished with the initial 2 operations that are required to turn them into blanks, the brass pieces will look like the blank on top and will be ready for the turret lathe.

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