Thursday, January 26, 2012


I just received feedback from Paul, in Australia.  He stated: 

BTW: Your Heads are amazing! I've been printing with it for 10hours plus per day for almost a month and a half. So its done many hours and its been running perfectly! Great job. I only now have a true appreciation for the size of the hole you put in these things! So very Very VERY small.

After I obtained permission to quote him, he added the following:

I can't wait to get my second machine up so that way the load can be shared between both machines. Your Hothead is the first and only one I've ever used and it was a no brainer to set up and get going and it just works! I have no idea why more people in Australia aren't using them.
Needless to say, I am absolutely pleased that the J-Head is performing so well and it has such a high mean time between failures.

Thanks Paul!

Friday, January 13, 2012


Today I shipped out a hot-end, for testing, that had a liner made out of Rulon instead of PTFE.  Rulon is supposed to be very similar to PTFE.  However, it is rated for a temperature up to 288 degrees Celsius.

I figured I would have it tested as some users have reported PTFE degradation, at the hot-end, after months of heavy use.  While the PTFE liners are fairly easy to replace, I figured that it wouldn't hurt to test other materials.

Even if this material is initially successful, many questions will still remain.

Blowout! (On an experimental hot-end.)

The 1.75mm J-Head Nozzle Prototype was being used for the last month and this happened.  Apparently, there isn't enough thread engagement, on the hollow set-screw, in order to withstand the pressure.  I'll have to think of another solution.

Note:  The standard J-Head hot-end uses larger relatively course threads, in the hollow set-screw, and does not have this problem.