Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Aluminum Mounting Plates Are Here

I just received a package of aluminum mounting plates today.  The hot-end mounting groove slides into the large groove and the slots are for the screws to hold the mounting plate in the extruder.  I decided to have slots as some extruders do not have the screw holes in the same location as the holes in other mounting plates.

I have noticed that the hot-end fits very snug and some filing is required in order to properly fit the hot-end to the mounting plate.  I believe this is because the mounting groove was originally designed around the use of laser-cut plywood.  As plywood is compressible, the fit wasn't a problem before.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Mk III and MK V Decisions

I have made some decisions regarding the Mk III and Mk V designs. 

  1. Due to the success, of the Mk IV, I am going to stop production of the Mk III hot-ends.  The Mk IV has been shown to successfully extrude PLA as well as the Mk III.
  2. The Mk V design is no longer going to include an internal aluminum heat-sink.  The Mk IV has proven that it isn't required and I would rather lean towards design simplification as per one of the original goals.  Adding the internal heat-sink and spacer only unnecessarily complicates the design.
  3. The Mk V will be improvements built upon the Mk IV.  Some possibilities include shortening the brass that projects into the nozzle holder, shortening the nozzle holder, and adding additional cooling to the nozzle holder.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rulon Failed

The Rulon-lined hot-end printed ABS, for about 2 hours, then jammed up.  So, initial testing of Rulon was not positive.