Monday, March 12, 2012

Goals for the J-Head Mk V

While I am always looking for ways to improve the J-Head Hot End, I am finally listing the goals and design changes planned for the J-Head Mk V.

  • Shorter Overall Length
    • A shorter nozzle holder and nozzle have been designed.  The overall length will be about 13mm shorter than the J-Head Mk IV-B.
  • Lower Extrusion Pressure and Faster Extrusion Speed
    • These two go together as increasing the length of the melt chamber will do both.
  • Designed For the 6.8 ohm Resistor
    • While the 5.6 ohm resistor works great, it is hard to find and the 6.8 ohm resistor is more common. 
  • Nozzle May Use 1/2" x 1/2" Brass Stock.
    • This will make the nozzle footprint slightly smaller.  In addition, it will make the use of aluminum much more feasible as 2024 is readily available in this stock size.
  • Different Thermistor Mounting Location.
    • The thermistor mounting location will most likely change due to space considerations in the nozzle.
    • It may be a good idea to put the thermistor closer to the resistor and PEEK in order to reduce the possibility of reaching a temperature that results in the PEEK nozzle holder melting when the temperature is set near 248 degrees C.