Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Aluminum Mounting Plates Have Arrived!

I had new aluminum mounting plates made up.  These plates are milled down, to the proper thickness for a standard mounting groove, and fit perfectly.


  1. Hello, I looked around your blog, the reprap Wiki and on thingiverse but couldn't find any CAD file or drawing for this part.

    I am working, with a group of friends, on modifying a printrbot LC to use your MK V-b hot-end, and precise measurements of this part would come in handy (We already ordered the part from Hotends.com, but it's at a friends, and I don't have them at hand to measure directly...)

    Did I miss something in my research ? Do you have something (CAD file, drawing, anything really) that I could use ?

  2. Hello,

    The blueprint is here: http://reprap.org/wiki/Mounting_plate

    The new mounting plate version has one important change, however. Around the mounting groove, the plate has to be milled to 4.7mm.