Sunday, June 10, 2012

Machining J-Head Nozzle Blanks

Sometimes I get requests for machining pictures.  Here is a series of pictures detailing the process of machining the J-Head nozzle blanks for the nozzles that fit the J-Head Mk I to Mk IV hot-ends.  Note that the fixture has 20 pockets.  The rear 10 pockets are for the J-Head Mk V hot-ends.

The brass stock has been cut and placed in the fixture.

Machine has been started and is performing the first CNC operation on the brass stock.

The first operation has been completed.

The brass stock is removed and flipped so that the opposite end can be machined.

The second CNC operation is in progress.

A view of Mach3 running the second operation.

The second CNC operation has been completed.

Finally, the completed nozzle blanks are removed from the fixture.  They are now ready for the turret lathe.

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  1. Always wondered how you did this - very enlightening! and a good primer for the video above! Thanks!