Saturday, November 30, 2013

Hot-end Collection

From time to time, the subject of my hot-end collection is mentioned on the #reprap IRC.  I took a picture of what I have and here it is:

A.  Arcol V3
B.  Budaschnozzle 1.1
C.  E3d
D.  Darwin/Thermoplast Extruder Nozzle v1.1
E.  Darwin/Thermoplast Extruder Nozzle v2
F.  Darwin/Thermoplast Extruder Nozzle hybrid variant
G.  "Big-Head Style" hybrid nozzle
H.  "Big-Head Style" hybrid nozzle with brass thermal barrier
I.  MakerGear
J.  Wildseyed
K.  MakerBot Mk 5
L.  J-Head Clone 2012 Mk IV from China
M.  J-Head Clone 2013 Mk V fromChina
N.  J-Head Mk V from Reprap-UK (~2012)
O.  Experimental thermally fused J-Head  (Reifsnyder Precision Works)
P.  ParCan V2
Q.  Ultimaker
R.  Mini J-Head Mk I  (Reifsnyder Precision Works)
S.  J-Head Chess from 2engineers
T.  JGR all-metal hot-end
U.  Trinity Labs Magma
V.  Trinity Labs All-Metal J-Head

Available or formally available at

1.  J-Head MK I
2.  J-Head MK II
3.  J-Head MK III-B
4.  J-Head MK IV
5.  J-Head MK IV-B
6.  J-Head MK V
7.  J-Head MK V-B
8.  J-Head MK V-BV

Not Shown:

J-Head MK VI-B
J-Head MK VII-B (experimental)
Hammerhead MK I
Geared Extruder Nozzle

Mini J-Head MK II

Note:  Any company names, trademarks, logos, etc., mentioned belong to their respective companies.  So there.


  1. Nice collection.

    It would be great if you could share some comments about the features of the top 5. Things like price vs reliability vs ability to print 1.75 PLA.

    I am looking forward to buying my next hot-end and I found a lot of information, but it is all over the web.
    It would be nice to have an analysis in a central place.

    I've read things like low quality j-head clones, all metal hot-ends that can't print PLA or that alwasy need a fan blowing at the cold end, etc...

  2. Hi where can I find source files to produce your hot ends in exactly in the original form.

  3. This is an awesome collection of hotends, I too would love a bit of info about your personal experience with some of these, I have been using a ubis hotend which seems to be pretty good, although there is lifting issues coming up as it goes around a corner a particular way on the first layer, I fixed this with hairspray (I am only printing in PLA), but it started doing this after about 3 months of punishment. I'd rather support a fully opensource hotend :)

  4. I haven't, personally, used these hot-ends as I mainly collect them and read what comments others have posted regarding others experiences. From others' experiences, the best PLA hot-ends have a PTFE liner.

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