Monday, October 6, 2014

Experimental J-Head with a Vespel Polyimide body and Rulon liner shipping out for field testing

For months, I have had a piece of Vespel Polyimide sitting on a shelf.  Last week, a customer asked if I had anything that would print at a higher temperature than the standard J-Head.  After I mentioned that Vespel Polyimide is rated for 288 degrees he expressed interest in testing it.  This weekend, I finished machining it and it is shipping out today.

As PTFE is only rated for 260 degrees, a Rulon liner had to be used as Rulon is rated for 288 degrees.  Since this hot-end is quite special, I decided to assemble it with a 2024 aluminum nozzle.  Set screws have also been added to retain the heater cartridge.


  1. This is great article! J-Head nozzle with a Vespel Polyimide is the best hot-end device to be available very soon.

  2. Any chance for a guy to get another one of these to test or review? ;)

  3. Hello,

    As it's still being tested, it will be some time until it is available. At the moment, there is a minor issue with PLA printing, due to excess ooze. We are not sure if it is because of the aluminum nozzle or the Rulon liner.

    I'll post updates as soon as I have the results of printing at higher temperatures.